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Tonight, it is supposed to snow.

While not currently under severe drought conditions Colorado is certainly thirsty, so the snow, should she fall, will be much apperciated. Even I, with my deep aversion to being cold when I’m not skiing, snowshoeing, or otherwise participating (as bundled up as possible) in an activity where the cold is necessary, have my fingers crossed for snow.

I would prefer rain, of course. Rain, and warmth, and spring, and color:


I have a nostalgic little love for chip beads: they were the best bang for my buck as a beading child, and I like to find new and interesting ways to use them.

This necklace came from vague ideas of making a chunk of rainbow pride that was less flamboyant and more beautiful, made with natural stones with organic pebble-or-chip shapes (pebbles are more expensive; chips win, for the first one at least) and from the longing for color that winter always brings me just before spring breaks.


The stones are as follows:
Red – Garnet
Orange – Goldstone
Yellow – Yellow Jade
Green – Fluorite
Blue – Sodalite
Purple – Amethyst

I wasn’t sure how the concept would play out in the real world, but for once it has exceeded expectations. This is a spectacular piece to wear, if I may say so myself without sounding like I’ve lost all traces of humility. This picture gives a general idea how it lays, but doesn’t begin to do justice to the color and drape and feel of the thing:

On a neck!
On a neck

Looking at that, however, I suspect I need to shorten the amethyst strand slightly. Damnation.

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