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I Just Can’t Stop Myself


Jumprope Necklace the Second

Jumprope necklace number two! This one is made with agate pebble beads and silver foil-lined large seed beads, and finished with a simple silver toggle clasp.


I love the look of the multicolored agate- it’s playful, somehow wild and natural. (I have trouble using the word natural, since it’s become an advertising codeword. “It must be good for you!” the masses say, “It’s natural!” “Great!” say I. “So’s Anthrax!” Alas, I lack a better word for this look.)


I’m starting to look at all the nugget and pebble beads cross-eyed and lusty-like. This one would look fantastic with copper spacers, this one with something black. Nugget beads in general have such character to them that I think they work best in simple designs like a jumprope necklace.

I have actually begun updating the store, beginning with the Young Spring necklace and this necklace. Just so’s you know.




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