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To-Do Lists


I have so many projects on the proverbial burners right now that the whole damn kitchen wants to go up in flames. I’m knitting the two-toned shrug from Fitted Knits, I’m making a project for this here button challenge, I’m weaving a scarf and making another project to enter into this Sublime Stitching contest (ohpleaseletmewin), I’m embroidering some cuttlefish, making my first piece of chainmail (under the direction of the lovely James), I’m working on some polymer clay sculpture, I’ve got multiple sewing projects on the table, two beaded necklaces piled right next to the sewing projects, and my etsy shop is staring me down with a superior smirk, sneering “Just when did you say you’d actually update me? Two weeks ago?”

And then there’s school, and my LJ paid account came due (the account isn’t that costly, but add the extra storage space for pictures and it sends a pang through this month’s budget), and who knows what else. Whew!

Let’s focus on what I’ve actually gotten done, shall we? I did get a bit of housekeeping work done on my etsy shop, including the creation of a sale section with a rotating roster of items offered at good discounts and with free shipping. Check it out! I plan to start listing recent creations today, as soon as I can find my ruler. Here, ruler. Where are you?

Also, after a long hiatus, I have been sewing agiain! I used this pattern to make this shirt:


It was a remarkably simple pattern and took me literally an afternoon to knock out, and I plan to use it again very soon. I’d like to use the long-sleeved crossover front version with some knit fabric I’ve had in my stash FOREVER- I just need some teal knit fabric to set it off.

I found this fabric in the remnants pile a while back and could not resist:


However, I had no clue what to do with it until I picked up a blue hoodie from the thrift store and took a seam ripper to it.

1 Hoodie + Fabric = 2 Hoodies
1 Hoodie + Fabric = 2 Hoodies

One normal, boring blue hoodie is thus in the process of transforming into two hoodies of awesome. First off, the shark hoodie:


The sleeves are a bit roomy, so I may end up taking them off, sewing the sleeve holes smaller, then stitching the sleeves down to the appropriate size and throwing it all back together. Maybe. When my project list is a little shorter.

The rose hoodie, alas, is still in progress. It’ll be a pullover with 3/4 length sleeves and maybe, if I have enough fabric from the rest of the sleeves, some contrasting pockets on the front.

In other news, as a microbiologist I’ve often morned lack of awesome microbiologist gear. Sure, we have the Giant Microbes, but you can’t really wear those to show off your microbiologist pride. Awesome as the biohazard symbol is, you’re more likely to see it tattooed on the neck of some punk who hasn’t gotten within a hundred yards of a microbiology class, much less a research lab, than associated with any genuine science and other microbial symbols are sadly lacking, since many microbes would only come across as dots or blobs in any symbolic artwork. Some day I plan to learn to use ArtClay and rectify this- I have images of bacteriophage necklaces dancing through my mind- but that’s not in the crafting budget any time soon. So you’ll understand why, when I saw this shirt, I HAD TO HAVE IT. (This one is awesome too. And this. And this.)

And I will. Some day. When it’s in the budget.

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