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Inane Rambling and a Scarf


I’ve grown suspicious that creativity, for me, is a finite resource. Not time to nor will to create (though these are both limited as well), but creativity itself; the fire of inspiration, the bright light of insight, the glorious fusion of mind and skill in the service of the grand idea. Yeah, that. You see, I’ve been quite consistent with my crafting in the last few weeks, and in correlation cannot produce a paragraph of non-crafty or schoolish writing nor so much as a sketch that is not specifically designed to be an embroidery pattern, even if I do have time and will. Likewise, when there are large time gaps in this blog’s archives, I can dig up corresponding bits of fiction or essays or books upon books of drawings in various states of completion. It feels like the discipline of thought required to churn out a scrap wood loom and scarf are very different than those required to think through a story’s plot, and that I can’t switch gears in less than, say, a month.

Think of it like juggling. I am a beginning juggler- the more brightly-colored balls I have in the air the more I drop, shatter and forget. As, always one to be irresistibly drawn to shiny objects, I add more and more crafty projects and pursuits, my old standbys -my art, my writing- fall away.

But you know, with practice, beginning jugglers become experts. I suspect I need more practice on juggling creativity, on moving my tired little mind from one sort of production to another without burning it out. A creative work-out, if you will. Any advice, my dear internet friends?

The point of all this is that I miss telling stories and pulling all sorts of odd and amusing beasties out into my sketchbook, and that I think I need to cut down on the “ongoing craft project” roster. This is the ongoing craft project roster:

– Polymer Clay Skull and Rose Set
– Polymer Clay Purple Octopus Necklace
– Polymer Clay Teal Octopus Necklace
– Polymer Clay Eden Necklace
– Rose Hoodie
– Beaded Ocean Necklace (OMG I HATE SEED BEADS)
– Beaded Bamboo Necklace (Must restart, as strung this too tightly)
– Knitted Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug from Fitted Knits (I suspect I screwed up so badly I’ll have to frog this one)
– Embroidered Cuttlefish Shirt
– Embroidered Chinatown Shirt
– A pair of books made of re/upcycled materials (this one has a deadline)

And that list has nothing on the projects I want to work on. It is officially time to go on a new project diet.

Recently in the finished category, I’ve finished a second scarf:

Vinyard Dreams

The warp yarn is the same 1/4 inch stretched t-shirt yarn I used in the tutorial. The weft, however, was cut at an inch or so and very carefully left unstretched. I was also careful not to pack the weft down as tightly as I had before. I like the effect.

Close up

I’ve entered this scarf in the Sublime Stitching Upcycling contest. I’d love to win this one- I’m a huge Sublime Stitching fan. I wonder if you can submit multiple entries? Because the books I’m working on might turn out quite impressive.


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