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Skulls, Roses and Spring Resolutions


This is what the list looked like.

This is what the list looks like now:

– Polymer Clay Skull and Rose Set
– Polymer Clay Purple Octopus Necklace
– Polymer Clay Teal Octopus Necklace
– Polymer Clay Eden Necklace
– Rose Hoodie
– Beaded Ocean Necklace (OMG I HATE SEED BEADS)
– Beaded Bamboo Necklace (Must restart, as strung this too tightly)
– Knitted Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug from Fitted Knits (I suspect I screwed up so badly I’ll have to frog this one)
– Embroidered Cuttlefish Shirt
– Embroidered Chinatown Shirt
– A pair of books made of re/upcycled materials (this one has a deadline)

That is a little progress, no? Last post I set myself on a new-project diet but was unspecific as to it’s limits and what I would consider “diet accomplished”. Shortly after this post ran across my RSS reader, which led me in turn to this post (ahh, internet, how I love your interwoven ways). I am no quilter and so do not know if I can play the “Spring to finish” game, but I can certainly adopt the goal: finish as many of my unfinshed objects as possible by the end of April.

Furthermore, I can invite you to play along! Dig out all your UFOs, my friends, for it is time for an April finish-a-thon. All who want to play, feel free to drop a comment (if you have to comment anonymously -I’m sorry LJ is so unkind to offsite visitors- please sign with your blog link), that way we can follow and motivate and compete with each other until that pile of projects is pwned.

And who knows, maybe I can get some sort of prize-thing together. Maybe.

Here’s some of the aforementioned progress for you:

Memento Mori

The skull is very similar to the ones in this post and the roses to the ones in this post. I like the two motifs together.

It’s a pretty chunky pendant, so I figured it would go well with a pretty chunky (thrifted) chain. I think I made the chain a bit long, however. Alas.

I painted the piece with black acrylic paint, wiped a bit of it off, then let it dry completely and sanded off a ton via cheap emory boards. I’m also trying out a new protective finish. So far I’m happy with the results.

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