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From now on, I’m letting James name all my Cephalopods. This, according to him, is Squish:


Squish is hand-sculpted from polymer clay in various shades of purple (and some blue). He’s little for an octopus but large for a pendant, and holds in his little be-tentacled arms a fuzzy teal heart.

Squishy Love

He’s got an asymmetrical chain with an “Imagine” charm on the clasp:


Many fine, proud little suckers on his many fine, proud little arms:


And he loves you.

Introducing Squish

This is how the list currently stands:

– Polymer Clay Skull and Rose Set
– Polymer Clay Purple Octopus Necklace
– Polymer Clay Teal Octopus Necklace- this one is giving me all sorts of issues
– Polymer Clay Eden Necklace
– Rose Hoodie
– Beaded Ocean Necklace (OMG I HATE SEED BEADS)
– Beaded Bamboo Necklace (Must restart, as strung this too tightly)
– Knitted Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug from Fitted Knits FROGGED because of unfixable screw-up
– Embroidered Cuttlefish Shirt
– Embroidered Chinatown Shirt
– A re/upcycled book (this one has a deadline)
– Tiger Iron Necklace

You may notice I added an item. This is not because I cast on anything new. This is because I forgot I was working on it when I originally wrote the list.

I appear to be chugging along nicely, though I must admit I’m going through new project withdrawl. I’ve got so many ideas!

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