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Big Button Challenge


I happen to be one of the lucky few taking part in Polka Dot Cottage’s Big Button Challenge. I chose her Seaside Snow Focal button, and this is what I made:

A Book

I contemplated making jewelry from the beautiful button -after all, it’s where most of my experience lies- but I really wanted to make something you might not traditionally think of when thinking “What should I do with this button?”, and jewelry seemed too obvious. So I made a book; and not just any book, but an upcycled book. You see, the pages are cut from paper grocery bags:

Recycled Pages

The cover, from a thrift store purse:

Soft Spine

And the ties/weaving, from scraps of leftover fabric:


The centerpiece, of course, is not upcycled but created: the beautiful button made by Lisa Clarke.

Gorgeous Button!

As this is probably one of the simplist ways to bind a book (it’s been a while since I’ve tried that particular craft, and I wanted to start easy), it’s quite simple to unthread it and replace or add more pages. The back cover overlaps and can be folded under or over the top cover when tying the book shut- it’ll protect the pages and does a lovely job at holding a pen in. The book measures a little over 5″x5″, and fits wonderfully into a purse, bag, or really big pocket so that you’ve always got something at hand to hold your ideas and inspirations (or grocery lists- that too).

Come voting time, I suspect I’ve already (rightfully) lost to this purse. Ah well. Do you think I can put a second entry into the Sublime Stitching Upcycling Contest?

For Dreams and Ideas

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