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Tiger Iron


Tiger iron seems to be an uncommon stone, but it’s certainly one of my favorites. It consists of banded layers of three other stones: red jasper, hematite, and tigereye. Anyone noticing trends in my jewelry-work will recall that I frequently combine jasper and hematite or tigereye and hematite– it’s a good look.

Tiger Iron Heart

When I bought this little heart bead, I knew only that I wanted the design it featured to be simple so that the little chunk of stone was highlighted, not obscured. I tried a few things, all abject failures, and then James offered to teach me the chain we used in this necklace.

Another Kind of Weaving

I alternated two different types of rings with slightly different aspect ratios- close enough to still lock the spiral, but different enough to give interesting textural variation. I worked on it whenever we got netflix movies- it turns out chainmail is a great “in front of the TV craft”.

It’s just long enough to sit at the base of my throat, and is quickly rising to my favorite everyday goes-with-everything necklace. This is good, as the old necklace to hold that place (seen about my neck here) disappeared a good two thirds of the way through Tanzania.

The list!

– Polymer Clay Skull and Rose Necklace
– Polymer Clay Purple Octopus Necklace
– Polymer Clay Teal Octopus Necklace Put on hold due to technical difficulties
– Polymer Clay Eden Necklace
– Rose Hoodie
– Beaded Ocean Necklace (OMG I HATE SEED BEADS)
– Beaded Bamboo Necklace (Must restart, as strung this too tightly)
– Knitted Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug from Fitted Knits FROGGED because of unfixable screw-up
– Embroidered Cuttlefish Shirt
– Embroidered Chinatown Shirt
– A re/upcycled book
– Tiger Iron Necklace

I don’t have a TV project anymore. I may have to make an exception and start something mindless.

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