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Craft Break FAIL


I decided to take a study break and play with some polymer clay. The gods of diligent studying promptly punished me.

You see, I was sitting at my craft table in the sun, merrily smooshing and rolling and pinching and squishing clay into form when it came time to cut a log of clay. I took out my handy-dandy paint-scraper blade (seen here; much cheaper than a polymer-clay specific blade, though not so flexible), and hacked into the surprisingly-resistant log. It was only when the nerves in my fingertips began to scream that I realized I had manhandled the dull edge of the blade through the clay by pushing down, with my two index fingers, on the sharp edge.

Go go Batman Band-Aids!

Back to studying.

ETA: I just stabbed myself in the palm with a knitting needle hard enough to break skin. I’m going to step away from the crafting tools now.

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