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In Progress


I have not died nor disappeared, though for a while there I felt bad enough to want to. I have let blogging (and even etsy store maintaining- oops!) slip for a few weeks due to illness and class. Fear not, however, for there’s a lot in store for this blog- after all, April is over. I can start new projects now. For example:

In Progress: Skulls

I will have all sorts of polymer clay sculpture to share, including a post on incorporating caning into sculpture.

In Progress: Choker

I will have some interesting bits of beadery, including revisits to the unakite-and-copper-chainmail theme, fun with wood and jade, and thoughts on new and combined beading techniques.

In Progress: Monster Bag

I will have lots and lots of sewing, including a sewing book review, sewing pattern review, and sewing pattern give-away.

In Progress: Embroidery

I will, scanner access willing, have lots of embroidery patterns and even examples of what I do with said embroidery patterns.

In Progress: Cane

And I will have the most technically complex polymer clay cane I have designed yet, along with a guide/tutorial to the design process.

First, however, I must do this:

In Progress: Finals

Gulp. See you next week, on the other side of finals, where blog treasures and crafting time waits.

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