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Of Finals and Tentacles


Last week was finals; this week is nothing. I feel strangely lost, adrift without anchor. I’m seeking multiple summer jobs, but as they’ll have to accommodate my summer class (which starts halfway through June) successful employment remains, so far, beyond my grasp. C’est la vie. If you know someone in the Fort Collins area, preferably in the fields of microbiology/public health/research, or general craftiness, who needs someone hardworking and enthusiastic and perhaps a little nerdy, and is flexible about scheduling, let me know! Until then, I’ve got a lot of blank time to fill with crafting and blogging. Oh, the ideas I have! The posts I will write! Should my camera not die (and it’s threatening to, of course), this is going to be quite the craftblog for the next few weeks. I’ve got reviews to write, contests and giveaways to hold, and ideas and projects galore. I’ve been sculpting, caning, sewing, and even knitting, and it’s that last one I’m going to start with.

Ta da:


It’s obviously in progress, but I’m thrilled silly anyway. Can you guess what it is?


How about now? It’s rather inevitable, when I’ve sculpted and caned and drawn and embroidered cephalopods in all incarnations, that I would eventually knit one. The pattern is from the fantastic hansigurumi (shop currently closed for temporary academic reasons, but be sure to check it out when it’s back up in June) and is well-written, photographed, and all sorts of fun. I hope to get the chameleon pattern next- maybe it’ll tide me over until I can afford to raise one again.

Loki has been watching my progress with interest, and is waiting to steal my octopus from me at his first possible moment. I knit his first cat toys for him before he even came home, and he has since adopted the firm belief that I knit for him and only for him, and that all my hard work is not only intended but destined for his claws. Isn’t he sweet?

* * * *

In other news, voting for the previously-mentioned button challenge is up! (And nearly over- what can I say, finals left me lagging.) I’m not going to tell you to vote for me, because that seems rather unethical, but I’d be much gratified if you’d hop on over and vote for whatever you liked best.

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