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Jewelry Binge


Today I went on a jewelry binge. I have pictures, but they are not good pictures. Argh.

Bad Picture; Good Earrings

This pairs quartz cubes with dyed chalk hearts, and is really quite cute when it’s actually clear. Lately, however, my camera has been having issues, and good shots are getting harder and harder to get.

This is similar pair, but with fewer hearts and a single black onyx bead. I plan to make a matching necklace with a much larger velvet-ish heart bead.

I’ve googled the problem and come up with multiple forum posts asking for help with similar issues, but no responses. It’ll cost me in excess of $130 to have Canon take a look, not counting shipping, and that leaves me without a camera for however many months it takes them to figure it out. I do not have $130. I don’t even have $10 for gas.


The wire stars are from JoAnns, but the chains are all thrifted and scrounged. I wanted to go for a shooting star effect, then decided I could throw the big star charms on some earring hooks too and make a set:

Now With Matching Earrings

Continuing with the camera story, I then thought “isn’t that why I have a blog”? After all, I’ve already determined that the problem happens to other people; maybe other people have figured out how to fix it, too. So here’s the deal: I run a Canon Powershot SD700 IS. I’ve had it for a few years now, and I love it to pieces (perhaps literally- that could be the issue). One day not so very long ago, I turned it on, and the LCD screen remained black. The options on the screen were visible (and manipulatable) but no image got through- it was as if the lens cover was jammed (I checked, and it wasn’t). Perhaps there’s another cover-like thing inside the lens which could jam? Perhaps it has decided to periodically forget what light is?

Now when I turn it on it sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t. The “doesn’t” seems to be getting more and more frequent, and the pictures I get don’t seem to be coming out. Whether the pictures-not-coming-out is due to degradation of the camera, or just the fact that I have to shoot when the camera wants, not when I want, and that I’m loath to move it just in case that makes the screen go black again, I don’t know. I’ve had a few pictures come out all sorts of washed out and with horizontal lines across them, if that helps.

So my final question in this long-winded rant is this: have any of you, or anyone you know, had this issue? And is there an option for repair cheaper than Canon itself?


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