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Of Cameras, Sales and Micromachines


I have determined, from copious googling and the much-appreciated advice of others, that my poor loyal camera is probably on its poor loyal deathbed. What’s the solution to not having enough cash to repair or replace a camera? Make the poor deathbed camera last as long as it can, of course, and go earn more cash! To that end I declare the next two weeks a Broken Camera Sale at ye olde shoppe! Free shipping on all orders in the US until Friday, June 5! Furthermore, I’ve been working on getting a lot of things listed that you may have seen in this blog but which never made their way into the shop. Good stuff.

Alright, enough of that advertising stuff; that’s not fun, and I quite dislike doing it in my blog (maybe I should put together a store mailing list). This is fun: I made a necklace yesterday that is so amazingly awesome that finishing it sent me into a gigglefit lasting at least thirty minutes. Behold, the X-Wing Necklace!

Nerds Unite!

The centerpiece is a micromachine with a hole drilled in it which I picked up on ebay in years past. Micromachines have such awesome jewelry potential that I find myself digging through the bags of miscellaneous toys at every thrift store in the vain hope of stumbling upon more. Alas, it seems ebay is the best source.


The X-Wing of Awesome is accented with hematite (rounds and stars), lavastone beads (like little asteroids!) and tiny silver star beads. The chain is doubled and finished with a lobsterclaw clasp.

Chain Detail

But you want to know the most awesome thing of all?


I have more micromachines.


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