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Behold the Common House Octopus


Behold: the Common House Octopus

Like all household fauna from the much-maligned Common House Mouse to the hated House Spider, the Common House Octopus is often overlooked, underestimated and at worst, persecuted by we who share its habitat and habits. But anyone who paused to truly consider this humble homebody would discover a wonderful creature whose high intelligence makes it friendly and vastly fascinating.

Enjoying Household Games

While typically a reclusive creature who avoids contact with the human residents of their habitat, a Common House Octopus can be lured out, and a suprisingly cross-species rapport established, via intellectual stimulation (like games) and treats (like common house crabs, the Octopus’ favorite prey).

Meeting the Local Wildlife

House Octopus tend to have quite amiable relationships with other household fauna, with the exception of the formerly mentioned Common House Crab.

Helping in the Garden

And, with proper practice and application of time, can become very useful and amusing pets.

Exploring the Internets

And of course, any intelligent animal, vertebrate or invertebrate, loves the internet.

Ta Da!

The pattern is by hansigurumi and is knit with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in blue and silver.

I’ve decided, after sculpting and caning and drawing and embroidering and now knitting cephalopods, to declare myself enmeshed in The Octopus Project: an attempt to portray an octopus (or similar cephalopod) in every crafty method and technique I can. It should be a fun challenge (suggestions for crafts that can be properly octopus-ized are gladly accepted).

Side note: for every usable picture I got, I got fifteen to twenty of camera FAILs. Alas, the camera nuisance continues.

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