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the Octopus Project: Inspiration


In my last post, I mentioned the Octopus Project: a personal challenge to craft an octopus (or similar cephalopod) in every craft technique and/or material I have or can learn. Thusfar I’ve already got polymer clay sculpted octopus, polymer clay caned squid, a knitted octopus, embroidery patterns for all sorts of cephalopods (and one in-progress embroidered cuttlefish shirt) and… I think that’s it. Am I forgetting anything?

This post is all about the inspiration I can pull up from the internet. Octopus crafts ahoy!

This is beaded Blue Ringed Octopus skin (recently posted to the CRAFT blog), by Christy Puetz (who also has some great beaded octopus, as well as octopus skin).

Continuing in the theme of beading, there are tons of amazing lampwork octopus beads out there. Also, check out this craftster post with beaded octopus earrings by fishie.

Etsy is full of inspiration, including crochet pattern after crochet pattern that complement my knit octopus (or perhaps a crocheted cuttlefish). And don’t even get me started about an octopus supplies search on Etsy.

I suspect my next project will be something sewn.

This hoodie was posted on Burdastyle by user inpeque, and I managed to find the fabric in an ebay search. Alas, with shipping and handling it’s rather beyond my budget, but it’s still lovely to stare at! Other cool octopus prints include:

This amazing duralee print, seen put to good use in this Designsponge post.

And this Heather Ross fabric.

There’s a tutorial for the above squid pillow from the lovely Emily G, and I suspect it wouldn’t be too difficult to make a giant octopus instead. I’d like to shape its head a bit like the head on my knit octopus, though, so that may take some skills slightly beyond my usual. All sorts of random darts should do it, right?

Other possible octopus arts include painting, stained glass, and mosaic (and again!). What else? Got any ideas?

Note to self: I have to do at least one Nautilus project.

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