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McCalls M5314: A Proposal


Sometimes the book bloggers I read will pair up, read the same book, and then interview each other about said book in place of writing a review. It’s a format I’ve always liked (two opinions for the price of one, or something of that ilk) and one I’d like to try.


This is McCalls M5314, a sewing pattern for a lovely wrap dress with princess seaming, a sharp little collar, and a deep V neck. I happen to have two copies of said pattern, in size AA (6-8-10-12) (Further information about the final garment measurements of sizes 6-8-10-12 can be found on McCalls’s pattern page.) How I got these two patterns is a rather unremarkable story which, like so many of my life’s stories, hinges upon the fact that I have the memory of a goldfish on crack, and is unimportant to the scope of this post. The important thing is this: I’m going to give one of these patterns away. There are, however, MANY caveats:

1. You must live in the US or Canada, or be willing to cover shipping yourself.

2. You must be a craft or sewing blogger of some sort.

3. You must be willing to start this pattern within a week of receiving it. I’ll start at the same time -a two-person sew-along. Should you or I have questions about the pattern as we go along, we’ll then automatically have someone else to share our confusion, misery, or (hopefully, eventually) joy.

4. When we both have finished and are looking stunning in our new dresses, I’ll interview you about the pattern and post your answers to my blog, with all expected linkage included (and vis versa).

Sound good? If so, leave a comment (feel free to comment anonymously if you’re off platform and don’t have open ID, but please leave a link to your blog!) with your e-mail. I’ll pick a random winner next Thursday.

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