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I have a bad feeling about this.


Y-Wing: Finished!


Y-Wing Bead Detail

The delay came from my running out of the little silver star beads I used in the X-Wing Necklace. I dug through my bead stash for a while before stumbling on little orange seed beads which matched the orange trim on the Y-Wing. Otherwise, it’s got the same asteroid-ish lava stone, hematite stars, and doubled chain as the X-Wing.

Now I need to take my drill to the Millenium Falcon, Star Destroyer, and TIE Advanced 1x! The TIE Fighter’s solar wing array thingies were all warped, so I broke them off and am going to try to heat them up a bit and flatten them. Alas.

There is so much potential for nerdiness in toy jewelry. How about a Saturn V necklace, or Shuttle (the Moonraker shuttle makes me giggle)? A Zeppelin? I’m still holding out for an AT-AT.

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