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I don’t think I post works in progress nearly enough. Here’s one:

Monster Bag Stalks the Tasty Kitten

He’ll be a messenger-type bag, and is finished with the exception of the strap. I’m missing a piece of hardware for said strap, however, so he’s not so much in progress as in stasis.


The whole piece is out of my head; no patterns required. Technically he’s years in the making; I cut out the bits just before going on a multi-year sewing hiatus, and they’ve been living in boxes getting shuffled from apartment to townhome to storage to house for a large chunk of my college career. Really, I went to work on the pieces a few weeks back, pulling it out whenever I could muster the will to manhandle long pile monster fur.

That’s a hard will to muster. I must have inhaled, ingested, or otherwise absorbed whole boxes of green fuzz.

Mmm, Tasty Kitten.

The end results are so worth it, though.

* * * *

In other news, the Broken Camera = Free Shipping Sale continues, because camera is still dying and money is still tight. I have made progress, however -I’m maybe a third of the way there- and for that I thank my friends on the interwebs. Also continuing, the Pattern Giveaway With Multiple Difficult Caveats, which will likely continue until I can find someone who fulfills said caveats.

I caught a killer summer cold last week and I’m still recovering. It’s turned me into a cold zombie. *hack* *cough* *moan* BRAAAAAAIIINS!

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