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The Amazing Disappearing Blogger



Kind of.

Assuming I still have any readers (“Hello?” *crickets*), I owe you all an explanation. Don’t worry, it’s a quick one: I melted my computer.

*more crickets*

Technically, I melted the CPU, but on a machine with hardware as old as mine I might as well start a whole new build. I’ve spent these last weeks begging, borrowing, scrounging and yes, buying all the bits I need for a new machine, and I’m THIS CLOSE… but still not quite there. The very expensive video card I scrounged for free won’t fit (maybe I’ll sell it), and I could use a touch more RAM, but the thing at least runs, even if it bitches at having to render so much as a game of solitaire.

Next I have to figure out how to get the data off my old harddrives and onto my new ones when the new machine is not compatible with the old drives and the old machine is a big fat brick. Also, I have to try and hunt down all my old RSS haunts- I had something like 200 blogs I was reading (and trying to regularly comment on) and I certainly didn’t keep an external list of the things. If you’re one of them, you might want to leave a comment and let me know. ;)

It’s nice to be back, if only in a provisional, in-progress sense. Hi! Did you miss me?

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