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While I work at tweaking this machine to my liking and transferring data, I do have some small projects I uploaded pre-crash (yet failed to post) that I can share. Behold: Earrings!



I’ve said before that earrings are my go-to mindless filler project for stressful times- something I can churn out for instant satisfaction. Sit me down with my bead stash and pliers and I’ll chrun out a half dozen pairs and a passable shot at inner peace in thirty minutes or less. For example:

Now with bonus matching necklace:

Pendant Detail

What else is a good no stress, instant gratification project? Do you have anything you turn to when you don’t want it to be complicated or labor intensive?


I’ve also said before that I have difficulty photographing white or transparent pieces, because my usual flat white backdrop just doesn’t cut it. This is my most recent attempt at dancing around the issue, using the lush greens of my summer backyard. What do you think- and keep in mind, they were taken with a dying camera and thus have some macro focus issues? I can’t decide if it works, or if it’s just too distracting for a product photo. Next I want to find a nice chunk of weathered wood and try that as a backup- little does James know, but this has been the source of my ambivilance on getting out there and refinishing the deck. Bwa ha ha!

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