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Finished Objects


So in all this time I’ve not been blogging, what have I been doing? Simply put, finishing things.

Three days ago I finished six years of undergraduate education at Colorado State University. Whenever they come in the mail, I will be the proud owner of a Bachelor of Science in both Microbiology and Biological Sciences with a minor in Biomedical Sciences. Summer graduates don’t get a ceremony- I simply handed in my last final then walked in slow, silent contemplation across the campus for the last time as an undergraduate student.

Or it would have been slow and silent, anyway, if I hadn’t been stalked by a Mormon proselytizer all the way to my car. So it goes.

This Friday, I’ll finish my 23rd year on this planet. I plan to ring in the 24th with tacos, cake, and lots of job hunting. Speaking of which, anyone know a good position for a newly-minted Microbiologist/Biologist in Northern Colorado?

And yesterday, I finished this:

Why yes, I did make it myself.

It’s the Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug from Fitted Knits, designed by the fantastic Stephanie Japel. It’s also, while not my first sweater or sweater-like object, the largest project I’ve knit to date and been totally satisfied with. It’s in Cascade 220, a fantastic worsted workhorse of a yarn, and is purple because purple is just that awesome. I made no modifications.

Ignore the Random Blinking

I’ve already cast on for my next project, but I’m using a borrowed camera (alas, the money I etsy-raised to replace my camera had to go towards computer building instead), and I haven’t managed to get a good picture yet. You’ll just have to remain in suspense.


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