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Obsessive Knitting


The first thing I ever knit was a scarf. It was a horrible lumpy thing made of horrible lumpy yarn in horrible lumpy beginner’s garter stitch, which mysteriously gained and lost stiches (and width, sometimes without logical correlation between the two) every row. It was long, and it took forever, and by the time I cast off and then cast it into the dark depths of the closet floor I never wanted to knit a scarf again.

And then there’s this thing:


Inspired by the fantastic Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed (upon whom half the knitting world has a knitting crush), and gifted the yarn in a mindblowingly generous Ravelry RAK, I cast on a Noro Silk Garden striped scarf, and I’ve not been able to stop knitting since.


No project I’ve ever knit has moved along with this kind of speed. Knitting, for me, is a process of small gains and small rewards. If I do this many rows according to these instructions, I finish part of a sweater and that’s cool. Then it’s the next part. Then the next. Here, I change color. Here, I change patterns. These are the little milestones that keep me working through a project, and silly as it may sound, the sense of reward I get with every definable “section” of my knit keeps me going. This scarf? You change colors every two rows, and the yarn changes colors whenever it wants, and it all looks so beautiful that every row I knit motivates me to do another.

Making progress!

I wouldn’t be surprised if I finish it this week.

Two side notes: A) I have gone from being inundated by tomatoes to overwhelmed by them. Recipes? Ideas? Locals who want some tomatoes? Help? and B) the August Birthday/Graduation/Existential Contemplation free shipping AND lowest prices ever on all items sale CONTINUES!

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