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Attic Finds


The other day, James and cousin were working around the farm. His cousin, up in some kind of attic or storage (or maybe even the barn- I’m kind of fuzzy on it, as there’s lots of places to find things on a farm), stumbled upon “One of those things for making dresses.”

“Bring it down!” yelled James.


“Bring it down!”

“What, you going to make dresses?”

“Bring! It! Down!”

And so James brought me this:

My Double

From copious googling, I’ve determined that she is an old-school Dritz “My Double”, last manufactured over 20 years ago and possibly dating back to the 40s or so. It’s a rather clever device, which is adjusted like so:

How to Adjust My Double

It unsnaps up the front and back, breaking into two pieces. You put it on and snap it back up.

Not the most ideal wardrobe piece.

It’s not the most comfortable thing. Next, you’ll need to find someone you don’t mind getting friendly with, to squeeze and squish the wires until the double fits you. Then you unsnap it and put it back on its stand.

Putting her back together.

It has these adjustable metal sticks with hooks at either end which reinforce the form and hold it stady on the stand. Voila! Dress form.

Ta da!

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