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The Sweet Thrill of Success


I present to you one finished scarf, one finished “OMGROCKETSHIP!!one!” shirt, and one very smug and selfsatisfied me. Hey, it’s a good way to be.

When wading through the murk of transition, it’s nice to feel some accomplishment now and then, to get a little dose of smug between all the humble. Crafting is very, very good for this.

I’m still job hunting (which, while discouraging, isn’t that bad- I only graduated what, a month ago to the day?), still doing some heavy mental gymnastics re: my business and its future direction (and still holding a sale, until roundabouts halfway through September); that is to say, I’m still buzzing about in the holding pattern that’s been keeping me airborne in between my last life, undergraduate, and my next: career woman.

Meanwhile, I craft, and clean, and think, and plan, and hope. Holding pattern. Buzz buzz buzz.

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