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I’m still on my attack-my-clothes-with-my-sewing-machine kick. I’ve been mending and embellishing and totally re-doing all sorts of things, from the rather simple:



(Previously a thrift-store shirt and a pile of bandannas. I stitched the bandannas into a giant square, then cut a circle the size of my hips out of the center of said square to make a hankercheif skirt. It’s floaty enough that I need to weight down the tips, wear bike shorts underneath, or both.)

To those which look complex, but aren’t:

Typical in the front

Surprise in the back

(Garage sale shirt. I used the ribbing as a guide to sew two “folds”, for lack of a better phrase, then took a ruler and a razor blade to it for the holes. Having a dress form was very, VERY useful in lacing it up.)

To those which, for me at least, are a touch challenging:


Time flies when you’re having rum.

(Hey Steph, remember the rum shirt? And a black shirt, and a fishnet shirt. Voila!)

Oh yeah, and this too:


Lace Up

Both the stretch lace and the sweatshirt (which used to be high-necked and ill-fitted) were thrift store scores. What can I say? I’m a sucker for anything with a tiger on it, or associated with it, or maybe even second cousins to it. I couldn’t help myself.

Go Tigers!

Tigers, and laces. I’m a sucker for laces too.

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