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Etsy Friday Favorites


Hey look, a new post theme! Once of the things I’ve always promised myself has been that, once I’m out of college and gainfully employed, I’ll spend more money to support small business, and specifically to support handmade. I’ll try to buy handmade before I buy from the big box store, I’ll do all my christmas shopping on etsy or local co-ops and consignment shops, etc etc. Well, while I’m out of college I’m not quite gainfully employed just yet, but there’s no harm in dreaming.

Today’s theme, if you didn’t notice, is “Tiger”. Tigers are (and always have been) my favorite animal. I’m also a huge fan of the whole of cephalopodia, the Binturong, and the Chameleon, (and just about any other living or extinct critter, as I am a proud animal nerd) but still. Tigers!

1. Tiger Iron Pendant from . Tiger eye and tiger iron are some of my favorite stones. Ordering Tiger Iron when you don’t get to see the specific bead (say, from a large supplier) is rather hit-and-miss, as sometimes you get good banding of all three stones (jasper, tiger eye and hematite) and sometimes one of them (typically hematite, in my experience) dominates the bead. This, on the other hand, is a fantastic example of Tiger Iron. I lust after it.

2. Fleece Tiger Ears by jenwolfstudio. I am just dorky enough to wear those around on a regular basis as a young adult sort of person. You are surprised? Don’t you remember my favorite hat?

3. 24kt Gold Porcelain Tiger Earrings by itsalovelycake. I love the little tiger beads! I must find some for my very own. Careful searching has led me to porcelain tiger beads one, two and three, but not the beads in the earrings. Alas!

4. Red Tiger Notebook by janicewallace. Blank books are another weakness of mind, particularly hand-bound. Hand-bound blank tiger book? Say no more.

5. Echino Tiger on Flower Fabric from Matatabi. Also available in natural and other colors. Echino fabrics in general are beautiful; throw a tiger in and it’s irresistable.

6. Winged Tiger Necklace by ragtrader. You can find the raw stamping alone on Etsy as well, but I like the look of the finished piece. A lot. Though I’m rather confused by the teeth.

7. Jungle Girl Pin-Up Zippered Pouch by Haut Totes. If only she were a brunette, I’d carry it everywhere (nothing against blondes; I just want to be the girl next to the tiger).

8. Wild Tiger by littleloveblue. From the careful embroidery to the exacting hand-stitching, this little guy has so much character!

9. Monarch handspun 2-ply by travelingrhinos. Yarn. Yarn? Yarn! Need I say more? Okay: tiger-colored yarn. Tiger-colored handspun yarn. Yes.

10. Gold-tone Metal Tiger Pendant from artpassionsdesign. I would love to take this beastie and make something similar to this necklace.

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