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Behold, my beloved Dremel! She and I have been busy…

Mess? What mess?

…making messes…


…and buttons! I find it a fantastic way to use up canes, and satisfying on some deep “OMGILOVEBUTTONS” level. Buttons, you see, are one of the few things I collect (along with yarn, fabric, books, corsets, hats and unexpectedly, roses made of various materials… okay, maybe not so few). Making your own collection? Priceless.

Lemon and Lime


Each button was buffed with a fabric buffing wheel and the above beloved Dremel, hand-polished with felt, and then sealed with a glossy polyurethane coat, mostly because I like things shiny. There’s all sorts in all sizes; citrus and checkers and eyeballs and stars and even toggle-like squid.

Stars (Which Glow!)

The stars glow in the dark. The giant star button is probably my favorite.

Single Eyeballs

Because normal button eyes aren’t creepy enough. Please ignore the bad photo editing; sometimes (particularly with a really cheap loaner camera) I just kind of give up.

Multi Eyeballs

Tomorrow is Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day, and I wil be giving away buttons. This gives me a bit of a category error (handmade or supplies?), but that’s okay. The only thing left to figure out is WHICH buttons to give away. Time is short, but if you have input I’d love to hear: which are your favorite buttons?

I’ve got all sorts of fun plans for even more buttons. I’m going to sculpt some. And yes, there will be octopus.

Squid Toggles

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