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Giveaway Day: Handmade Buttons


Hello and welcome! Today is Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day! As I’m anticipating a lot of new visitors, I’d like to introduce myself: my name is Tala, more commonly known about the internets at Corvus. I’m a recent graduate who emerged from the halls of academia with two Bachelors of Science and no employment (yet!), and I like to create. It’s a bit of an understatement to say I’m not real picky about the medium; more like I won’t be satisfied until I’ve tried just about everything crafty.

This blog chronicles it all: my knitting, my sewing, my (sad, failed attempts at) crocheting, my many works with polymer clay, my embroidery (with free patterns!), my octopus obsession, my various forms of jewelry making, drawing/painting/general art, travels and adventures, tutorials, pirates, science and even the occasional bladesmithing.

Recently, I’ve been making buttons out of polymer clay, and last night I posted them all over the Internet asking which buttons I should give away. By popular consensus I came up with the following:

Squid Toggles

A set of three Squid Toggle buttons.

Lemon and Lime

And a set of two lemon buttons (the pair on the right).

Single Eyeballs

And, because I’m morbid and creepifying and want to throw it in, a pair of eyeball buttons. That’s three prizes in all!

So here’s how to play!

Step 1: Leave me a comment by clicking on the blue pencil on the top right of this post. In this comment, please tell me which of the buttons you prefer (all of the above is a perfectly good answer). If you have any ideas for other buttons I could make, caned or sculpted, let me know! If you don’t have a livejournal or OpenID account, don’t worry; you can comment anonymously.

Step 2: Everyone please make sure to sign your comment with your e-mail address (and, if you have it and want to share, a blog address), otherwise I won’t be able to tell you if you’ve won.

Step 3: Sit back and wait. This giveaway is open until December 6, at which point I will determine the winners by random drawing and ship the booty by December 12.

Unfortunately, as I am currently looking for a job and not yet finding one, I can’t manage international shipping; thus, this giveaway is US/Canada only. My deepest apologies for that.

Check out all the other giveaways at the Sew Mama Sew Blog: Handcrafted Item(s), Handcrafted Item(s) + Supplies/Materials, and Sewing + Knitting Supplies/Materials. Thank you!

ETA: If you can’t see the pictures here, you can see them here.

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