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If you’re looking for my giveaway day post and don’t feel like scrolling, it’s here!

Which of you have etsy stores? Of those who answered with an enthusiastic “me!”, which of you have tried paid advertising? Where did you advertise and how did it work for you?

I’ve been contemplating using my copious free time to do some experiments in advertising my etsy shop. While I can’t afford a massive campaign, there are places where I could throw up an ad for a day or two for just a few dollars- long enough to see what kind of impact it has on my analytics, and possibly on my sales. After all, it’d be nice to have a little bit of income over the holidays, if only to feed back into updating and advertising the shop (keeps me feeling productive).

I’m a scientist at heart and thrive on experimentation, but I have yet to do much experimenting with the shop, besides trying to learn the essentials of SEO. Advertising is totally new territory. Perhaps I’ll even gleefully report my results- which ads in which locations for what price gave me the largest bump in page views, or even sales. Good information for us all, no?

First, though, I require an ad. So far, my attempts at throwing together said ad have resulted in this concoction:

I’m rather new at this, though, and don’t know if it’s effective or merely annoying. Suggestions?

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