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Christmas is over, as are a large chunk of other winter holidays. The food has been eaten, the presents presented, the family visited and the good times had. Now comes that odd little fan of days between yuletide and auld lang syne, and I know I can’t be the only one feeling a touch let down.

You know what’s good for the post-holiday blues? Giveaways. I promised another shot at the buttons for my modest handful of beloved followers, and here it is. I’m giving away

A: One multi-eyeball button (on the left).

B: One large lemon-and-lime button (the only one in the above picture with limes in it).

C: A set of three squid toggle buttons.

Sounds good, no? Here’s the rules:

1. Only open to commenters from the US and Canada. Sorry! I’ll be able to do international shipping when I find a job, but for now I’m stuck (unless someone international is willing to pay their own shipping).

2. Leave a comment to enter which includes the following: which buttons you’d like to be entered for (“all of them” is a valid answer) AND your e-mail address. If I don’t have a way to contact you and tell you you win, you won’t win. Alas. You get an extra entry if you add (or already follow) my RSS feed (or, on LJ, have me as a friend)- just mention it to make sure I know.

3. Let’s say your name is Fishsticks. For every person who enters the contest and says “Fishsticks sent me”, you get another entry. This means that posting on your blog, or forums, or wherever else you dwell in the vast internets works to your advantage. Just make sure, if they’re saying “Fishsticks sent me” that I know you’re Fishsticks.

4. Final details: the contest is open until Saturday, January 9. Winners will be announced by Monday.

To comment, click on the blue pencil on the top right of this post. Feel free to comment anonymously, but be sure to leave an e-mail address!

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