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Morte (aka: Christmas Making Post #1)


I was lucky enough to win Bitchy Stitcher’s Half-Assed Crappy Giveaway during SewMamaSew’s giveaway days after stating that “I like to work with scraps and unknowns. The more crappy and halfassed my supplies are, the more I display my awesomeness by creating something mindblowingly amazing.”. Hopefully this qualifies as at least somewhat amazing.

After deciding James and I needed at least one stocking (which was to be our only concession to holiday decorating), I asked him what sort of stocking he’d like. “A skull one” he said. Man after my own heart.


Enter appliqué!


I was so happy with how my skull stocking (OF AWESOME!!1!one!) turned out, I had to try it on a shirt. One thrift store visit and an hour or so of cursing at my machine later and, voila!


Hint to those experimenting on appliqué with knit fabrics: sew over a piece of paper or something, so the stretch isn’t so much of a problem, then tear it off when you’re done. Trust me. Your sanity will thank you later.

Another Detail

I’d like to think it’s not too bad for a first try at knit appliqué, and I’m eager to apply the technique to the Octopus Project. I do, however, have a few little qualms:

Ahh, alien!

A) I can’t help by feel I’m ripping off either the Punisher or Jimbo the Bully or B) a Crystal Skull, because my boobs stretch that forehead in a very, err, unearthly fashion. Damn you, boobs!

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