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Naming the Winners


For the multi-eyeball button:

Oohh I’d love to be entered for the Squidling and the Eyeball button giveaways.
Leslie Gallagher sent me.
I am getting your rss feed on my google reader.
my email addy is

For the Lemon-and-Lime button:

FiberPirateKniter sent me. I am glad she did. All of your buttons are fabulous and would be pleased to win any of them.

For the much coveted Earl the Squid buttons:

From the FiberPirateKniter and you know who I am. Love them squids.. Glad to see you are still among the living and Happy New Year to you!

Who, it must be said, seriously stacked the deck in her favor. I heartily approve of this (perhaps it’s a pirate thing), and so will be throwing in a fourth squid button. As for all those who very much wanted the squid buttons but didn’t manage to win them in either contest, I decided to throw my last set of four up on etsy. Well, last that are drilled the same- I’ve got a few with the holes going horizontal and a few with a single hole near the top, for charms, and I may well list those on etsy if these sell quickly. That, and start working on another Earl.

Thanks to all for the participation! I’m sure to find something else to give away around here soon; in the meantime, I’ve got lots of sewing and jewelry and embroidery patterns and even a little knitting to share, so stay tuned!

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