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For quite some months now, I’ve been wishing for some kind of neck-reminiscent jewelry display for photography, something which would properly show how my pieces hang. It was only recently that it occurred to me that I have a dress form, and my dress form has a neck. A little bit crumpled paper and some knit fabric later and here we go!

This piece is an older one I never shared, primarily due to photographing difficulties. It’s made of forest jade, hematite, lots of silver wire and these little wooden beads tube beads I have which have been carved to resemble bamboo and stained a rich, dark chocolate (they came from Fire Mountain Gems).

Originally, I wanted this design to be woven something like these. The idea was to get down some methods for choker bases, for foundations which I could then build upon with dangle and glitz to my heart’s content.

I played with all sorts of square weaving patterns before deciding to scrap the whole bead weaving idea and pull some wirework into it, and frankly I like how the wire turned out much more than all my other attempts. The final necklace lays much better and feels far stronger than any woven pattern I’ve tried thusfar. The choker is strung on tigertail wire and closes with a hook and chain, thus making it adjustable.

One down, I set to work on a sister necklace. After all, I have a ton of those wooden beads.

This one features New “Jade”, the wooden beads, hematite, silver wire, and some chain.

It’s funny how different these turned out from my original vision, even though the basic structure (choker base with a row of vertical “bamboo” tubes sandwiched between jade, lots of dangly bits hanging off choker base) is the same. Different techniques come up with such astoundingly different results.

Of course, that point would have been far more clear if I actually took pictures of my many previous attempts with these materials. Alas! Perhaps I’ll remember in the future.

These pictures obviously aren’t fantastic, but I think they’re some of the best I’ve managed since my camera died and I started relying on a cheap borrowed camera with lamentable white balance and next to no macro capability (which I am imminently grateful for, of course, as the alternative is DO NOT BLOG AT ALL, but you gotta call ’em as they are). Maybe I’ll actually list these to the shop!

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