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Now what?


I don’t think I’ve ever been so famous on the internet as that Batman top made me. I even stumbled upon myself, twice! Thank you all. The amount feedback and attention my Batman shirt has brought me is beyond gratifying; the sheer love, astounding. I can’t describe just how encouraging it is to know the “You done good, girl” isn’t just in my head; how inspiring it is to feel the support of my peers. If I’ve garnered any new readers off that one, say hi! And I apologize, because while this post is a nice and functional part of my wardrobe, I don’t think it’s quite as eyecatching as the previous. After all, Batman is a hard act to follow.

Contrary to how I sound in the previous paragraph, I really do like it. After all, my heart is as much pirate as it is geek (the tendencies to geekery and piratedom overlap neatly). It began with a large, long-sleeved t-shirt and a pile of black-and-grey knit. It became this:

For once I used a pattern- the first time I’ve thought to use one in a reconstruction. It’s McCalls (I’ll add the number when I can find it- it’s out of print), which provides a bunch of basic shapes for knit shirts with variations on neckline and sleeve length.


It has a very nice shape and comfortable fit, and I’m quite happy with it… even if it isn’t Batman.



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