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Please Pardon the Delay


I have things to blog. I have knitting, and polymer clay of a morbid sort. I have thanks to give- the Batman hoodie is still drawing much-loved accolades and that attention, I suspect, drawing in customers for my little corner of the Etsyverse (an unlooked for side effect, but not unappreciated). I have projects to work on, etsy listings to make. Gratifyingly, I also have packages to mail this afternoon. It’s a busy week for the creative and crafty in me.

Before all that, though, I have an interview. It’s made me a bit distant this week as I prepare. As best as I can tell with my pre-interview research, it’s my dream job scaled down to an entry level wherein I believe I could excel. It would give me knowledge, and connections, and understanding and experience of uncountable value. It’s a path directly into the career I want, into work which has a physical, practical effect on the quality of life for this nation and its people. And maybe, some day, I can take that knowledge I’ve gained and apply it towards a grad degree or two, towards an advanced position in the hierarchy of the United States’ public health program, and even to nations less developed.

In short, it’s the best opportunity I’ve read about in the last six months, much less scored an interview for. Part of me is terrified. Part of me is elated. The rest is pure determination. I know I’ll do well in this position, now I just have to convince those who make the decision. I’m convincing, right?

A few more hours of radio silence, dear internet, and I’ll return. Keep your collective fingers crossed for me.

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