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Turns out I’m still all busy, even post-interview, because James and I are moving to his family farm. Two people, one tiny house, and a lot of corn fields. And his family, of course. And Loki.

Also, I think the water makes me queasy and internet access is rather limited. Alas, the trials of freeloading.

Moving, my friends, is one of my lease favorite things EVER. I blame my youth as an Air Force Brat- we moved every six months to two years until my parents divorced. At this point in reassembly process, my craft room is halfway between functional and a jumble of boxes and confusion; fortunately, I’ve got a bit of a back stock in things to share. For example:

Memento Mori

This is the second piece in the Skull and Roses series (yes, it’s a series now, because they’re just so fun to make), a pendant with purple roses, accented with black acrylic and given a glossy finishing coat. I’m not very happy with the pictures; I can’t get the same sort of detail with my loaner camera as I’d like. Compare:



Alas! I assure you, the pieces are no less pretty. For example, a new barrette:

Skulls and Roses

But then, the color isn’t accurate either. This picture, of the back of the barrette, has a better representation of the way the red shines through:


Photography woes aside, I must make more! I bet it would look good in blue, perhaps as a brooch.

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