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Hey, remember my nerdtastic Knucks? I did actually finish them a few weeks ago. I know! Amazing!

Nerd Gloves

They’re utterly nerdy, and amazingly comfortable. Knucks is a lovely pattern to work with, perfectly shaped, and the cable pattern fitted onto the back with no major issues. I can’t wait to use both patterns again.

Mmm, warm.

While I may often dally with jewelry work here or polymer clay there, I always have at least one knitting project on the needles. Having defeated my second Knuck syndrome, I’ve since cast on for a Razor Cami to keep the yarn flowing.

New project!

Long-time readers may remember this yarn (Knitpicks Shine Sport). It never made it far as Calla and thusfar, I’m much happier with its new incarnation.

Mmm, lace.

I’ve not made any serious attempts at lace before, and I figure this is a good project to start with. Granted, the lace section took me a few false starts, but now that I’ve got it down it’s moving along with gratifying speed. One stitch at a time!

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