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Pirate Pants


When you spend a decade of a 24-year life working for the local Renaissance Festival, you don’t so much acquire a costume as a wardrobe. A good portion of mine is made by me, and what isn’t made by me is still largely handmade. For example, my new pants:

You know, I think I’ve had the fabric for these almost as long as I’ve been sewing on my own. They were originally made as wrap pants, but I wasn’t a huge fan of how they looked. This version is a pair of drawstring pants with further drawstrings running on the outside of each leg, so that I can gather it up. I rather like the baggy, blousey, not-very-neat look- it seems very pirate to me.


Other things in the above outfit which are handmade: my sword, which was reconstructed from a leaf spring by James, my hat, which was reconstructed from a big floppy garden hat by me, and the corset, which comes from the fantastic Damsel in this Dress (I want this one, and this one, and this one).

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  1. hellesbelles86 permalink
    03/29/2010 4:01 PM

    Would love to know which Ren Fest you work in. My family has in the last two years become obsessively involved in the KC Ren Fest (seeing your mention of Damsel in this Dress makes me grin because I LOVE their shop even if as a seamstress I’m going through there saying “I could make that- Ohhh I want to make that” etc)

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