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Cookies and Philosophy


I made cookies.

I used this cookie recipe, this (AMAZING!) frosting recipe, and topped them with some Heath bits which were laying around.   They are some of the best sugar cookies I’ve ever made.  Totally irresistible.

See?  Told you.  Irresistible.

I’ve also been sewing:

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my philosophy re: craft.  Why and how I craft in the first place, why and how I choose what I craft, what the process of crafting means to me, what the end product of crafting means to me, the balance between challenge and escape, between a project which is demanding and one which is meditative (and some which, paradoxically, are both).  I suspect I’ve changed significantly over the years I’ve run this blog, and it’s gratifying to pin down how I’ve matured as a creative force.

But I don’t think I’m quite ready to lay those thoughts and feelings down in words yet, so first I’ll ask you all.  Why do you craft?  Why did you start crafting?  Could anything ever posses you to stop? What does it mean to you?  Is your craftiness an important part of your identity, or simply a hobby?  How do you integrate your creative side into your life as a whole?  How do other important aspects of your life influence your craftiness?  Is there any shred of philosophy behind how you approach crafting?  Do you have overarching goals or ideals which guide you, particularly re: the subject at hand? What’s your ultimate goal regarding your crafty side?  Does anyone else ever sit and think about the whys and wherefores of their personality, their actions, their hobbies like this, or am I just overly introspective?

I vote for overly introspective.  I blame the scientist in me.

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  1. 03/22/2010 5:15 PM

    I craft to keep my sanity, to read about and win prizes from other who craft and keep my friends in goodies from my needles and machine…

    Looking forward to seeing all that that wonderful red becomes.

  2. 03/28/2010 11:52 AM

    Wow, HUGE questions.
    This will be a sketchy answer, as you have started a few thought trains that need to pull into the station before I can verbalise them.

    I can’t not craft. I feel like a limb is missing if I sit in front of the TV and have nothing to do with my hands. I can’t leave the house without some sort of small mindless knitting in tow.
    I have collections of things to use for collage and art quilting, waiting for me to adapt my space for my motorized chair.

    Creating. I can’t not create. I have very very seldom finished a pattern without my own adaptation sneaking in. I am much more likely to design my own thingy.
    Since I started writing my own thingies down, and publishing them, it has brought in much needed income (I don’t get SSI, and can’t work dependably without lots of unpredictable sick time) and has really boosted my confidence and feelings of self-worth.
    It has also connected me again to the world, as people make stuff like my thingies and gift them to those they care about, then tell me about it.
    Love that.

    It is an integral part of me.
    More apparent in my art quiltign and random item collage, I draw a lot of my inspiration form my Paganism and love of nature.
    I also draw inspiration from geeky bad sci fi shows like Quark.
    My crafting is a direct expression of my many parts. and helps me rediscover parts I forgot were there.

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