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And so it begins.


To be more accurate it began, bright and early, with a trip to the thrift store.  Saturday is half-off day at the local shop, and you’ve got to get there early to beat the flood.  Besides, I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

Behold, my canvas.


I went in specifically looking for sturdy, stretchy knits in black and green, preferably with long sleeves (more material) and, in the case of the green one (which I plan to make the base of the entire shirt), somewhat close to my size.  Alas, a green shirt which is not olive or lime in hue is surprisingly hard to find, so said shirt is a bit large.  No problem; I can adjust it to fit, and that gives me even more extra fabric.  Still, if you want to keep the fitting part of the process simple, start with a shirt that fits.

Cha Ching!

At half off, that puts the cost of this project thusfar at $3.50.  But wait: I’m missing a color.

The white shirt is from my stash.  I believe I picked it up for free one day at the campus rec center years ago (they were confused when I asked for an XL in return for filling out a survey- I get this reaction a lot.  Fabric, people!  See beyond the shirt!).  So yes, $3.50 plus whatever thread costs.

Plus, I predict, hours of work.

Step one?  Wash everything.  Because that’s how I am.

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