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While my pile o’ raw materials takes an obligatory trip through the washer, I get to sit down and work out a plan.

Planning is good.  Planning is important.  Planning well makes life much easier when it comes to doing.  Also, nothing ever goes according to plan.

I have a pile of three shirts, in green, black and white.  I want a shirt fit for Hal Jordan (if Hal Jordan was 5’4″ and had boobs).

First, I write a list o’ details which I shall need to address:

1) The Green Lantern logo.  I’ll probably do this the same way I did the Batman logo- print off a simple version from the internets, trace it onto the appropriate fabrics, and hand-applique the thing.

2) The neckline.  Mr. Jordan’s taste aside, I do not do high necks.  They make me claustrophobic.  I’m thinking a bit of a scoop neck for this one.

3) The sleeves, and specifically, the shape of the black and green fabric around the shoulder and armpit.  I suspect this will be the most difficult part -there’s a lot of angles there- and will probably do it by putting the black shirt on my body form, tracing the shape out on one side, cutting it out equally on both sides, and doing a lot of pinching and pinning to get it to fit the green shirt.

4) More sleeves, and specifically,gloves.  The last part of the sleeve should be white, and has a sharp angle to it much like the batman sleeves.  I may consider pointing it over the hand as well.  This part’s easy- cut off the bottom part of the black sleeve at an angle and use it as a pattern on the white fabric.

5) Hips!  There’s a point to the center front and back of the green at the hips, with black below.  My version will be tunic length to preserve this little detail.

6) And finally, the back.  This leads me to a rant: there is a serious lack of pictures of male superheros from behind.  Females, sure -gotta show off that superhero butt- but male?  Apparantly they can only look heroical from the front… which means that, inevitably, when you do get a good shot of their backs, they’re getting beat up or otherwise not flexing all super-like (which is sad, because there’s some sexy musculature in the back).  Alas.  I demand more man butts in comic books!

Anyway.  The back.

Nothing too special.  Good.  If I simply make sure to carry through the shape of the armpit/shoulders, and the point at the bottom of the green portion, I’ll be golden.

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