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Soldier On


My shirt is spinning in the dryer, but is not yet dry enough to tell if the grease stains remain.  Meanwhile, I should update the saga.

Bottom Band

Pre-oil fail, I was working on the bottom edge of the shirt.  I cut a nice angle into the bottom of the green shirt, with the point centered front and back.  I then took the bottom portion of the black shirt (which is starting to resemble more of a scrap pile) and cut it to fit.

I also decided to finish off the scoop neck with a matching green band.  That done, I had this:

Such progress!  In fact, I had only two more parts to do: the emblem, and the white forearms.  So of course, this is the point where I covered it in vegetable oil.


If this step-by-step reporting of my process seems like a litany of fails, fear not!  That’s normal.  My creative process can be summed up, very simply, as “Fail, fix it, repeat until finished.”

So while the main part of the shirt was stuck in the “fix it” stage, I got to work on the emblem.

I printed out a simple verison in the right size, then put something hard behind the shirt and outlined what I needed with a bone folder.   No pens, no chalk, no screwing around with methods of transfer; just pressure on a fine edge.  So does it work?

Very well, I think.  And screw hand stitching it.

This one’s machine all the way.

The dryer just beeped, but I’ve lost the light!  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how this ends up.

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