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The Last Pieces


It occurs to me that I should probably finish up the process posts before the Big Reveal.  So where did I leave things post-oil-disaster?  What remained to be done on my original list?   The forearms, which I wanted white like Hal’s gloves, and the emblem.

While the main body of the shirt went through the wash for the first (then second, then third) time, I worked on the emblem.  Green, then white, then I decided on a final black layer to make it pop.

Finished Emblem

Now, as a veteran of two Super Hero t-shirt reconstructions, let me give you an important piece of advice: sew the emblem on last.

You can make it first.  You can make it before you do anything else.  Just do not put it onto the shirt until everything else is done.  Trust me on this one.  It’s the difference between going for a jog and deciding you’re finished at some random point (which feels good) and crossing an actual finished line, with ribbon and cheering fans (which feels better).  And so I set the emblem aside, and moved on to the forearms.

I laid the sleeves of the shirt out flat, figured out how high up I wanted the white to start, and cut the black sleeves off at a sharp angle.

Then I used the black sleeves I cut off as patterns for the white sleeves.  This is something I do a lot in these sorts of reconstructions- cut one piece how I know I like it, then trace that piece, add what modifications I need, and cut. For the sleeves, I wanted to add a few inches, so I took that into account before cutting.

Finishing and attaching each forearm was just a matter of two quick seams, and then, after many hours and many fails, I found myself staring down the finished line: there was nothing left to do but sew on the emblem.

And so I did.

And then I laughed maniacally.

And now, I have to go set up a photoshoot.

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