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Nerdtastic T-Shirt Dress


Back in college (oh my god, I can’t believe I can say that), I spent a few years as an officer of the Microbiology Student Association.  I had lots of fun, made lots of great friends, and got myself a stash of tent-sized shirts with all sorts of Micro geekery printed on them.

For Example

You see, for some reason, the MSA pre-me typically ordered equal amounts of all t-shirt sizes XS through XL…. then sold out of XS, S, and M in a day and had the extra L and XLs hanging around, literally, for YEARS.  So yes.  I gained a collection of far-to-large nerdtastic shirts.  Over the weekend, I turned one (with a blank red XL men’s shirt from the thrift store- lots of fabric for the cash) into a nerdtastic dress.

The usual pinch and pin.

Ever since Otterwise suggested I write a t-shirt reconstruction book, I’ve been narrating these things in my head as I work like a disturbingly geeky Martha Stewart.  It’s an odd habit to say the least, like my life has a voiceover.  In this hypothetical book, I’d cover basic techniques, like using a dressform, pins and chalk (or yourself, pins and chalk, though I reccomend safety pins to avoid stabbage) to get the shirt to fit…

…or multiple ways of finishing an edge in knit fabric…

…and then have some more specific projects, like “How to turn your XL ‘You Know You’re a Microbiology Major When’ T-shirt…

…into a cute little dress.”

Looking at that picture, I need to take it in a bit more to get the back to lay flat.  I’ll cover that too.

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  1. 04/20/2010 6:41 PM

    You listen to our Wise Otter and write the book. Fabbo dress!

  2. 05/01/2010 10:03 AM

    Cool! I will sign up to purchase a copy in advance :-}


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