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The Button Experiment


The problem with selling jewelry and accessories on etsy, particularly jewelry and accessories without a definite and set style, is twofold: standing out in a veritable sea of jewelry sellers without definite styles, and  knowing and finding your audience.  I’ve always wanted to see what advertising does for store sales, but seriously, who do you advertise handmade jewelry to?  What community?  What site?  How do you make that stand out?

Hard stuff.  So I’m going to do an experiment in totally circumventing it.  I’m still going to sell my jewelry and accessories, but now that I think I’ve worked out the kinks on some prototypes, I’m going to advertise my buttons.

Because who you sell buttons to?  Is easy.  Crafters.  Crafters, who congregate on the internet so naturally, so avidly.  Crafters at or Ravelry or a dozen other healthy sites and forums which, not coincidentally, make it easy for small businesses to advertise on them.

Of course, if I’m going to do this experiment in advertising fairly, I’m going to need a lot more buttons.  It wouldn’t be nice to put up an ad featuring buttons, then only have three buttons in a store filled with jewelry and accessories.  So yesterday, I took a little bit of my paycheck and I bought some more clay.

And today?  I make buttons.   All kinds of buttons.  All day.  BWA HA HA.

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  1. 04/25/2010 4:50 PM

    Fabulous buttons and ideas. I might have to order some o’them skully buttons after all… BTW : Have you checked out yet? My daughter has her store there instead of etsy and seems happier for it. Just a thought.

  2. 05/04/2010 11:55 PM

    LOVE the skull buttons. If you made leopard print buttons i’d be in that too!

    • 05/05/2010 11:31 AM

      Ooo, that’s a good idea. I could do leopard print in all sorts of fun colors, too.

      Alas, I ran out of white clay halfway through writing up a tutorial for the skull cane, so I won’t have any more skull buttons in this first wave of updates than are already up in my shop. But soon!

  3. Terry Bell permalink
    01/01/2013 9:06 AM

    I have been making the swirly lentil beads from m y leftovers. Someone had suggested making buttons to me but I was worried they would melt in a dryer?

    • 01/04/2013 7:58 AM

      I put mine through a dryer, and found that getting dings or nicks in the finish was far more likely than burning. Still, I typically don’t put these on things that I’m going to throw in a washer and dryer.

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