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Works in Progress


The Sucky Temp Job (TM) is on temporary hiatus, and I have been crafting in the sudden glut of free time I have on my hands.

I just haven’t been finishing anything.  That’s okay, though.  One of my recent goals for this blog has been to show more of the process, and not just the finished projects.  So what have I been working on?

More buttons, of course.   I’m loving the huge eyeball buttons.  Next up I have to polish them, then drill holes, then paint them with their glossy coat and then voila!  Skull and eyeball buttons for the shop.

Also, on the topic of buttons, I’ve been working on writing up my results from the great advertising experiment.  I believe my last ad expires this weekend.  My results were, shall we say, a touch ambiguous, but also encouraging.

I’m also sewing a skirt.  It’s the first time I’ve done pleats.  It’s got a zipper, which always makes me edgy.  It’s taking me FOREVER.  Eee!

I didn’t make that.  That’s The Turkey, more commonly referred to as “She”.  She’s built a nest under our AC (which we just turned on yesterday- bet she didn’t like that), and currently has somewhere between four and five baby turkeys following her about the yard.  It’s difficult to get an accurate count, because the things are just that hard to see, even when they’re right on the other side of the window.  In fact, there are multiple babies in that picture right there (if you zoom in, you’ll notice one directly in front of her).  I know, because they were there when I took the picture.

But I still can’t see them.

Pretty awesome.

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  1. 05/30/2010 8:59 PM

    Oohoh I love the round purple and teal buttons near the bottom right, and of course the Eyeball buttons! My pal Lynx may be getting another surprise :-} Or not. I think they want to become eyes for a new pattern, a knitted alien toy.

  2. 05/31/2010 5:53 PM

    The buttons are turning out great and a turkey family for neighbors, who knew.

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