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Sunshine and Sewing


It’s a beautiful sunny day, and I’ve been sewing.

The pattern was Simplicity 4963.  The fabric, I picked up cheap from a JoAnns red tag sale some time ago.  It’s one of my more complicated pieces made from a pattern to date, if only because I’ve never done pleats before.

Or maybe it felt complicated because there were a few places where the instructions could have been clearer.  Nothing too bad- I certainly figured it all out- but it did take a bit of thinking here and there.  Of course, that could just be due to quirks of my own brain.   As I’ve said before, my crafting process is little more than “fail, fix failure, fail again, fix failure again, repeat until finished”, and that was certainly true for this project as well.

I’ll make it again anyway.  The fit is lovely- just the right length, and it comes up low on my hips, which I greatly prefer.  And hey, who doesn’t need a bright purple plaid skirt?

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  1. 05/30/2010 9:01 PM

    Nice skirt :-}
    BTW, the link that says it is to Corvus Corax just goes to the wordpress home page at the mo.

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