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First Stitches


I have begun!  Right now, my basic plan is to outline all the shapes with a double row of split stitch.  I started with the bust insignia.

What I’ll do after the outlines are done is still up in the air.   Covering the ENTIRE shirt in thread is right out.

There’s a part of me that’s tempted to take a page from her Invisible Airplane, which is typically drawn as an outline of an airplane with some detail of the guts showing through.  I would thus leave it as an outline of a Wonder Woman costume, with the underlying bones of the button-up shirt showing through.

There’s also a part of me, however, who looks at stitch dictionaries and goes “Ooooo.”  I might fill some parts of it in- the stars on the bottom, perhaps; the belt, the insignia on the chest- with some interesting textures and patterns.  We’ll see when I get there.

There are two things I learned the last time I embroidered a shirt like this that I’m applying here.  First: a full piece of your average cotton embroidery floss, with six strands, is too thick.  It hangs up getting through the fabric and causes puckers.  Luckily, embroidery floss is loosely spun for a reason.

I’ve split off two strands of floss here, and am working with the remaining four strands.

Second, I learned that having knots on the button placket is BLOODY OBNOXIOUS.  My attempted solution this go-round is to tie the knot, then pass the thread between the two layers of fabric that make up the placket, so that the knot is on the inside edge of the placket and the thread comes out on the outside edge, right where I intend to begin embroidering.

It’s working so far.

Continuing inspiration: check out this apron and this belt buckle!  I love them both, and wish I could excuse such purchases.

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  1. 06/04/2010 7:18 PM

    Love this, love the owl! Can’t wait…

  2. 06/08/2010 1:04 PM

    I had to leave a comment because you linked my apron as inspiration for your Wonder Woman shirt and I totally saw your Batman hoodie on Craftster and made one for myself, completely unaware that you ever saw my apron….so anyways…my mind just got blown…kindred spirits I suppose!

  3. 06/08/2010 1:06 PM

    That is going to be a fun shirt when you get done!=)

    I can’t wait to see it! Good luck!

  4. 06/29/2010 5:46 PM

    Amazing! I love this idea so much! I’ve admired your other super-hero shirts in the past, but knit fabrics and I don’t get along so well, but the idea of embroidering the emblem, now that’s something I can get down with.

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