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I had a sewing project going.  It was a reconstruction, and it was even going to have a tutorial.

Then I totally screwed up. Not “fail, fix fail, move on” screwed up, but “fail by cutting limited fabric six sizes too small” screwed up.  And until I can figure out how (or, more appropriately, if) it can be fixed, my sewing table is clear.  So what should I do next?  You see, there’s things that pull me towards my sewing machine, things that tempt me.  Things with deadlines.  For example:

Sew Mama Sew has declared this Make It Wear It! month, wherein they focus on sewing clothing complete with challenge and prizes.  Since clothing is what I sew, by and large, I must take part.’s craft challenge this month is Bed Sheet Getup, wherein I must turn a sheet into clothing, and I have THE PERFECT sheet in my stash.  Seriously.  Perfect.  You’ll see.

As previously mentioned, I start working seven days and sixty hours a week on Saturday, PLUS driving time.  I must sew while I can.

So where should I begin?

How about with the sheet?  See that?  That Spiderman sheet?

Isn’t it AWESOME? (GLEE!)

Seriously, though, there’s two problems with starting here: 1) I’d like some complementary solid fabric and 2) I’m not sure if I want to make it into a skirt or a dress (or maybe draft my own dress; I rather like this lovely craftster creation– wonder how much fabric it took)?  So I’ll get to that one later, methinks.

I have this lovely thin denim which is pretty much reversible.  I’d like to make a pencil skirt using both sides of the fabric for contrast.  But I’m not real excited about working on it just this moment.

Flowered knit to flowered top.   It should be a quick project, at least.

Isn’t that an awesome knit print?  I plan to pair it with the cream to keep it from getting too overwhelming.  I plan on starting with the pattern above, which I’ve used before, but I’m going to trace the pieces, then change them.  Lots.  Think of it as semi-drafting.

I cannot wait to make this dress.  Thing is, it looks like it’ll take me a while.  Like I might not get it done before work sets in, and thus before the end of the month.  Thus, if I start with it, I risk not finishing anything.  It seems far wiser to me to start with smaller projects, then when I know how the seven-days-a-week thing is going to hit me, launch into the larger ones.

So I pick the shirt made of the cream and the patterned jersey.  I can easily finish that one in a couple of hours.  Onward!

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