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Mostly Morbid Buttonry


I have finished my most recent batch of buttons, and there are morbid buttons within.

There are eyeball buttons in very, very large.  I’d love to see these on some kind of monster plushie myself.  Something like this, this or this? (There are so many awesome monster makers on Etsy.)

There are also eyeball buttons where the eyeballs are small.

There are skull buttons where the skulls are big…

…and small…

…and where the buttons themselves are small.  I even drilled one as a pendant rather than a button, on request.

I also used up some lingering canes:

I’ve been considering offering buttons up on my blog as a first-chance-for-blog-readers deal before listing them on etsy.  You’d get first whack, and you’d get free shipping.  I think it would work roughly like this: I’d stick up which buttons I was offering, and how long they’ll be on offer (probably 48 hours from posting).  First e-mail wins, but you don’t  pay me until I confirm just in case someone else e-mailed first.  Then you make a payment directly to my paypal account, and I send the buttons.  What doesn’t sell goes on etsy, shipping included.  It’s not much of a savings if you’re buying a single button ($2.00 in the US, $3.00 in Canada), but as each button you buy on Etsy adds another buck to your shipping, you could save a lot on a pile of the things.

It might be too complex.  There might not be a lot of interest.  But I figured it’d be a neat way to give something back to you guys, every now and then.

Maybe.  Still thinking.  I start working seven days a week come Saturday, so I’m not sure I want to start something new when my time is about to get very, very short.

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  1. 06/08/2010 5:24 PM

    Might be a clever come on for your buttons. Good luck with that.

    BTW: Erin has started dying the yarn specially for me for the wonderful buttons I won. Check it out on my Rav Projects page, you gots a credit.

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